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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE  - Robert Bomia,  March 2018  

I am hoping that this winter is almost over and the show season is up and doing well.   I have had a few concerns from our good members about the updating of sweepstake points, and questions on the guidebook.   For sure we would like everything to be perfect, but as this is a volunteer organization and some things come up that are very hard to predict.  Many times show results for example are not posted and some put blame on Wayne.  The results many times are not sent to him from the Show Sec. / and then they sometimes are not complete or the points are not included creating time consuming problems to overcome.  The Guidebook for sure is long overdue and many things occurred such as Computer Crashes, and getting material as many critics and few were willing to volunteer any time or support, and the Health issues of those that took on this Giant Project.  For sure we have made changes to help get this Guidebook set up for the printer, Printed and to you in the near future.  Scott Wenzel has volunteered to do the computer work to set up the Guidebook for print.  Thanks to Scott for volunteering to do this. (Kathy Rynard, and Joanne Walker (Guidebook Editors) have completed most of the work for the guidebook to be printed.)


As those critics of things gone bad, I will at this end of my term had served 31 years on the Board and President from 2002.  I have had worked with 4 Sec. /Trea. In that time, never missed a Newsletter (64).  With the Help of the board after my election to President some historical changes were adapted by our Organization.  We added Youth sweepstakes, Youth Recognition Awards, established Youth Convention Trophies for the winners (Same as the Open), and made our banquets friendly and attentive of our Youth members.  We also started the Quality Rabbit for the members after my election.   None of this existed prior to my election.  We also started The National Shows and have not missed one from 2002. (Never had them prior to 2002).  Not one National Convention has been without booths, Banquets, Hotels in all the years I have been president as well as first class awards being purchased and delivered to the Convention Centers for our members.  After my election we started all awards by committee action, this was never done in the past. We planned for three years with the Ohio Flemish Giant Breeders to put on the 100th Anniversary show and it turned out to be the best and biggest ever.   We have also had three guidebooks from the time I was President (A gigantic task and the 3rd to be completed soon.  All of this could never have been completed without the Board Support and the few that volunteer to do the work.  Remember, I will not be running for President in 2020, and it will be up to you to choose wisely.   I have seen some that are nice folks that smile nice but to date have done nothing for the Members or the Federation, and many have not attended our Conventions or our meetings.   Make sure you look to see that you have found a new horse to ride that can get the job done for the Federation.  Those that are critics and have never helped, I can only feel empathy for you.  Personally, I have achieved great happiness serving the Federation and its members.  I have personally donated lots of cash, as have others, and will be leaving the club in a great financial position.  I just shake my head when I see someone running for President that does not mingle with our members or come to our meeting except when they are running to lead you. (Why not being part of the group would they want to be a leader?  Beware of these folks, they will not serve you well).  (We have folks saying they are going to run for office that I have never seen them at a Convention in the past 30 years?  Just wow.. ).  I am sure by the time the Election rolls around in July of 2019 that we will have plenty of great candidates come forth to keep the Federation running smooth.


The National Show will be hosted by the Ohio Flemish Giant Breeders, Keith Brown, President on May 5th, and 6th.   This show will be held in Columbus, Ohio and looks to be one of the Biggest and Best Shows we have had since the 100th Anniversary Show.  They will have hotels posted.  I look forward to seeing everyone at this Giant Event….   This is in conjunction with the Ohio State Mini Convention show on Sunday.  The biggest show outside of the Convention.  


The ARBA National Convention will be In West Springfield, Massachusetts from Oct. 27th (Fri) thru Oct. 31 (Wed. Release date).  It looks like Judging will take place on Sunday and all rabbits will have to be in place on Sat...    Looking forward to this giant event and being with the members.   I have booked at the Enfield Inn, 1543 King St., Enfield Conn.  06082.  (Phone:  860-741-3636).  I got it for $65 per night including all taxes etc...  This is 15 mins. Or less from the Convention Center.  Melissa King stated that if you go to their website and click on mid-week rates that you can book for $56 per night...   Wayne is working on the Banquet and it looks in the $30 ish area per person.


I wanted to take the time to thank my good friend Jim Fleming for all that he has done for the Federation and its members.   He has designed our newsletter cover, and has made professional banners for our booth every year at the Convention.  We have auctioned off at our banquets every year these banners affording the Federation Thousands of Dollars of revenue.   A giant Thank you to Jim for all that he has done.


This federation is so lucky to have Wayne Bechdel as its Sec/Trea. And the great job he does for so many.  Most of us appreciate you Wayne, and I forgive you for being late with one newsletter. (LOL).   Good luck to the Federation if they ever lose you my friend.  You are special..


In closing, I would like to say a prayer for Reggie Murdock who is fighting for his life.  Annie Murdock notified Lisa Wilson about his condition.   Our prayers are with Reg and Annie and all other members having health issues.


Remember this is a hobby, keep it in perspective and enjoy your fellow breeders.  Life if short.   Until we meet at the shows may your nest boxes be full of Grand Champions.  If you have a question or concern, the best way with me to resolve it is to Call Mr. Bomia...  Don’t blast it all over the internet to make yourself feel important.


 For the Federation and its Members -  Robert Bomia   Phone:  419-304-3068 







ARBA Convention Judges:

This is the list of Judges for the ARBA National Conventions from Membership votes at previous National Conventions.   

The next Judges will be voted on at the 2016 ARBA National Convention to fill openings in 2022.

If you have a judge that you want to vote for, check with them and insure that they are available in this year prior to waisting a vote if they are already booked to do another breed.. Most all the Popular Judges are booked years in advance. I had to hIre Wade Burkhalter for 2023 because that was his first open date, and lots of members wanted him. He is a very popular judge. 

National Flemish Giant – Judges scheduled for upcoming National Conventions to Judge Flemish Giants (Open and Youth),


2018 -  Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN  (Open and Youth)     


2019 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN (Open and Youth)


2020 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)                


2021 -  Josh Humphries, TN  (Open and Youth)

             Rusty Westhoff, TN   (Open and Youth)


2022 -  Judges to be voted on by membership at the 2017

             ARBA National Convention


2023 -  Wade Burkhalter, MO (Open and Youth)

              2nd judge to be voted on at the 2018 ARBA National Convention


Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB