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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE  - Robert Bomia,  June 2018  

I look forward to seeing all of you at the ARBA National Convention in Mass. At the end of Oct.  A Giant Thanks to the members that are working for our Federation to make this convention a great one. (Not all conclusive).  Wayne Bechdel, Breed Chairperson;  Lisa Wilson, Show Supt.;  Andrew and Pam Hambright and family, Federation Booth Chairperson;  Isabella DeSilva, Banquet Chairperson.   We will need volunteers to man our Federation Booth and to also check our Flemish Giants out.  Isabella needs to know who is going to attend our Banquet,  $35/ adult and half price for children under 12.  Send money to Wayne Bechdel, (Make all checks payable to NFFGRB).   We can always use nice items for the Raffle table and the Auction at the Banquet. 


Hotel Information for the ARBA Convention in Mass...   Enfield Inn, 1543 King St., Enfield, Ct.  06082.  Phone:  860-741-3636.   Just a reminder that Lisa and Donnie Wilson will be making Best of Breed Carriers for the Open and Youth Shows.  (Thanks to Lisa and Donnie for all the work they do at the shows for the Federation Members).   


Our Federation members had an awesome show in Columbus, Ohio that was hosted by the Ohio Flemish Giant RBA , and Keith Brown and members in May.  What a nice show and location as we had 397 Flemish Shown by 76 members.  (288 Flemish with 51. Ex. In Open, and 109 Flemish Shown by 25 members in the Youth).   Congratulations to all those that attended the show, and contributed to it.  OPEN:  Best of Breed , Carlo and Fern Zappia with an awesome Sr. Sandy Doe, and Mike Knapp, Best opp. Breed with a wonderful Sr. Sandy Buck.  YOUTH:  Best of Breed went to Shayne Lentz/ Haydn Tinsley with a Sr. Sandy Doe, and Best Opp Breed went to Drew Rosendale, Sr. Sandy Buck.  


16th Annual National Show 2019 will be hosted by the Great Lakes Flemish Giant Breeders, Wayne Bechdel President and its members at Jason, and Lisa Swenson’s home in Wisconsin.   The Board has approved the Texas Flemish Club to host the 2020 National show. (More information later as we get closer).  The Bids for the 2021 National Show needs to be to Robert Bomia by March of 2019.

The Guidebook Chairperson Kathy Rynard, with the Technical help of Scott Wenzel will be completed in the near future.   (Thank all of the members for understanding and being patient on this Giant Project.  I think you are going to love it.)  Thank you Scott for taking on this project to help finish it.  (Thanks to all those members that have volunteered to help with this Project).


We are going to have a BoBo challenge again to support our Youth and promote them to show Flemish Giants.  BoBo will start with $50 Best of Breed, $50 Best Display.  All money to be sent to Wayne Bechdel.   The National Show had near $1300 donated by members of the Federation to support our Youth and encourage them to show.


I want to thank my friend and fellow member Jim Fleming for all that he has done for the Federation.  Jim is a Design Professional, and does our Newsletter Cover, and has donated Hundreds of dollars and hour of his time to make banners for our ARBA Conventions.  If you have a few mins. Thank Jim for all he has done for the Federation.


Condolences and deepest Sympathy with prayers for the Loss of a great member and friend, Reggie Murdock who lost his fight recently and went to heaven.   A better man was never born.   Also our thoughts and prayers for Bill Mairs who is in poor health, Kathy Rynard, and all those members and family that are having health issues.


In conclusion It was good to see most of our Federation Board at the National Show:  Directors:  Lisa Wilson;  Amanda Hutcheson;  Keith Brown;  Tom Orr;  Charles Bryant, and our Vice President, Jack Langley.   Wayne was unable to attend due to his new job, and Kathy due to health issues.   Just remember that the rabbits are a hobby, Keep it in perspective and enjoy your fellow breeders.  If you have any concerns or ideas to improve the Federation share them with your Ex. Board, Directors and myself.   My e-mail is: , and my phone is:  419-304-3068.


 For the Federation and its Members -  Robert Bomia   Phone:  419-304-3068 







ARBA Convention Judges:

This is the list of Judges for the ARBA National Conventions from Membership votes at previous National Conventions.   

The next Judges will be voted on at the 2016 ARBA National Convention to fill openings in 2022.

If you have a judge that you want to vote for, check with them and insure that they are available in this year prior to waisting a vote if they are already booked to do another breed.. Most all the Popular Judges are booked years in advance. I had to hIre Wade Burkhalter for 2023 because that was his first open date, and lots of members wanted him. He is a very popular judge. 

National Flemish Giant – Judges scheduled for upcoming National Conventions to Judge Flemish Giants (Open and Youth),


2018 -  Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN  (Open and Youth)     


2019 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN (Open and Youth)


2020 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)                


2021 -  Josh Humphries, TN  (Open and Youth)

             Rusty Westhoff, TN   (Open and Youth)


2022 -  Judges to be voted on by membership at the 2017

             ARBA National Convention


2023 -  Wade Burkhalter, MO (Open and Youth)

              2nd judge to be voted on at the 2018 ARBA National Convention


Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB