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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE  - Robert Bomia,  December 2017  

The Federation is doing better than ever as indicated by recent shows and new membership.   The internet has changed our way of operations and communications that have had a very positive effect on our Flemish Giants.  I want to personally thank all those that have shared information on the internet to help promote our breed on the many sites.

Those that were unable to attend the National Convention in Indy, it was a wonderful event and well attended by our Flemish Brothers and Sisters.   A giant Congratulations to all that attended this event and to the Winners.  (Show reports listed in this Newsletter).

A big Congratulations goes to those inducted into the Federation Hall of Fame.  Presented at our Awards Banquet by our VP Jack Langley went to Carlo & Fern Zappia, NY, and Brad & Deanna Clouse, IN..   

Thanks to all those that helped to write and work at the Convention and man the Federation Booth.  The Booth was FIRST PLACE at the Convention Thanks to our Booth Chairperson, Annie Murdock.   Congratulations Annie for all your hard work and dedication to the Federation.

Congratulations To all those that won positions in the Sweepstakes and the Quality Rabbits awards last year.   Wayne Bechdel won the Best Quality Rabbit with a Light Gray. (Who would have ever thought?).   Lisa and Donnie Wilson top Ten Sweepstakes for this year, along with Best and Best Opp Breed at the ARBA National Convention and voted in as our New Director.   Congratulations on your achievements and hard work to promote the Breed.

At the Convention we had a great attendance with 96 total exhibiters showing 528 Flemish Giants. (446 Shown, 65 Exhibiters in the Open, and 92 shown by 31 Exhibiters in the Youth).   A big Thank you from the Federation to two of the top Judges in the ARBA for sorting out our Flemish Giants.  Thank you Dr. Chris Hayhow, and Jamie Green for all that you do.  Our Youth Best of Breed went to Madison Shaw, and BOS went to Cecelia Tresenriter & Emily Hambright (Great Job to you and all the 31 youth that participated in this wonderful weekend.

Our Youth Chairperson Tom Sabrey handed out all youth recognition awards to our very deserving Youth Members.   A Giant Congratulations to our Youth receiving Youth awards, Shelbi Starr, Josie Schindledecker, and Drew Rosenthal.  You young folks are special and we are proud of you and your accomplishments.

Looking forward to the upcoming National Show in Columbus Ohio in May with the Ohio Mini Convention.   The Ohio Flemish RBA will be hosting this wonderful show with Keith Brown their President, and a Director of The NFFGRB.   I am sure this will be a Giant Event and for sure well attended.  (The Ohio Club put on the 100th Anniversary show and they know how to do it.   They have a wonderful membership that works together and will for sure make your weekend a great one. Put this one on your calendar.

In the near future the Board and our Historian Keith Brown will try to include some items of interest to our members.  Such as what they feed Rabbits, Housing of Rabbits, General maint etc. to help others.  Along with this we will include some articles of interest out of the past.  Those interested in being on Federation committees please contact Robert Bomia.

I want to Thank Wayne Bechdel our Sec/Trea. For all that he does for the membership.   Whenever you talk to him be sure to Thank Him for he makes our Federation a special one.  Thank you my friend for all that you do.

Kathy Rynard is working on the 100th Anniversary Guidebook and should have it out soon.   We have had a few Federation Members volunteer to assist her in this Giant endeavor.  (Please be patient.). 

A big thanks to Tom Orr, Director for the great job as Supt. at the ARBA Convention from me and those that attended. (Tom is a great person).   We are looking for a person to volunteer to be Supt. At the upcoming Convention in Mass. In 2018.  Andrew and Pam Hambright have volunteered to be Booth Chairpersons.  

Remember to always keep it fun, and respect your fellow breeders.  Many of us come from different cultures, but come together as one family.   Till we meet at the shows may your Nest Boxes be full of Grand Champions.


 For the Federation and its Members -  Robert Bomia   Phone:  419-304-3068 







ARBA Convention Judges:

This is the list of Judges for the ARBA National Conventions from Membership votes at previous National Conventions.   

The next Judges will be voted on at the 2016 ARBA National Convention to fill openings in 2022.

If you have a judge that you want to vote for, check with them and insure that they are available in this year prior to waisting a vote if they are already booked to do another breed.. Most all the Popular Judges are booked years in advance. I had to hIre Wade Burkhalter for 2023 because that was his first open date, and lots of members wanted him. He is a very popular judge. 

National Flemish Giant – Judges scheduled for upcoming National Conventions to Judge Flemish Giants (Open and Youth),


2018 -  Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN  (Open and Youth)     


2019 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN (Open and Youth)


2020 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)                


2021 -  Josh Humphries, TN  (Open and Youth)

             Rusty Westhoff, TN   (Open and Youth)


2022 -  Judges to be voted on by membership at the 2017

             ARBA National Convention


2023 -  Wade Burkhalter, MO (Open and Youth)

              2nd judge to be voted on at the 2018 ARBA National Convention


Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB