(revised May, 2010)

1.  1 -  All ARBA rules are to be followed at all times.  The ARBA does not dictate Sweepstake Guidelines to Specialty Clubs, but they do have rules governing the ownership of youth rabbits, show entry form requirements etc. that must be followed.   For example:  Points are recorded under the name used for show entry, which must match the membership name.  No points will be issued in a rabbitry name.

2.  2 -  The Federation has two separate Sweepstakes.  That is the “Open” and the “Youth”.   The Open will receive awards for the top ten placements and the Youth will receive awards for the top five placements yearly.   The season will start on July 1st of each year and end the last day of June each year. (The open and youth sweepstakes are not combined in any way nor should they be confused by members as being the same…. They are separate Sweepstakes and cannot be put together in anyway.

3.   3 - Youth members can show either in the Youth Sweepstakes or if they elect, in the Open Sweepstakes.   They cannot show in both.  They must notify the Sec./Treas.  prior to July 1st that they are going to show in the Open Sweepstakes.   All those not electing to show in the open by July 1st will be showing in the Youth only.  The youth will be recognized by our Federation thru the entire year of their 19th birthday for Youth Sweepstake points. (Note:  any youth electing to show for Open Sweepstakes must show in the Open shows only.   Youth shows will not count for their points).

4.   4 -  Sweepstake points cannot be moved when an exhibitor uses a different name, with the exception of a woman who has shown as a single and changes her name due to a marriage or divorce.  Note:  A husband and wife points are not split or transferred upon a divorce.  They will have to make changes in the next year’s sweepstakes.

5.   5 -  Family or Two members showing together.  A)  Family’s electing to show as a family with adults can only show in the open sweepstake shows- No youth show points will be allowed.  B)  Two members may show together as a partnership as long as both are members of good standing with the Federation and live in the same state.

6.  6 - Partnerships must be declared, in writing to the current sweepstakes chairperson prior to July 1st of the sweepstake year.  (All “show entry’s” must include all the names of the members showing together to count in the sweepstake points.)

7.  7 -   Youth members will be allowed to show as a family.  This is only the youth in the family and no adults.   They must enter all their names on the show entry to receive points.   They must in writing tell the Sweepstake Chairperson they are showing together prior to July 1st of each year and cannot change their election during the year.  Note:  Only Youth members will receive youth sweepstakes points.   Note:  The Federation encourages youth members to own their own rabbits, take care of them, and show them as individuals as to inspire good sportsmanship to their fellow youth members.  Adults must set the right examples for the youth members.

8.  8 -   Youth members will be required to show in youth shows, unless there is no youth show available.  If a youth shows in an open show and a youth show is available, they will receive no points from the open show toward the sweepstake award.  Open and youth points will not be  combined.

9.   9 -  At no time will sweepstake points be combined when partners show as individuals.   All names must be on the entry form, as shown in the sweepstake points.

1    10 -  Any member showing with a non-member in a joint entry will not receive any sweepstake points from the Federation.

1111 - Any member Open or Youth who elect not to continue membership during the Sweepstake year for any reason will not receive Sweepstake awards for that year.   The Open and Youth must be continuous members for the entire year to receive awards from the Federation.  Note:  Members have a 45 day grace period for membership renewals.  No points are awarded to expired memberships and accumulated points are lost for interrupted memberships.

  212 -   Husband and Wife members will be split for sweepstake points only when they enter as individuals.   Both names must appear on the show entry form for them to get partnership points.