The 100th Anniversary National Show


ROBERT BOMIA,   President


On May 2-3, 2015 History was made as the Members of the National Federation gathered in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate The Largest and Greatest event in Flemish Giant History.  The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders celebrated 100 years of our clubs existence.  This event will certainly go down as the Greatest Flemish Giant Federation Event Ever.


This event took years of ambitious planning and goals were set to accomplish this Giant Event.  The location was normally reserved for the Ohio All Flemish Show.   Thanks to Keith Brown and his Ohio Flemish Giant Breeders Club for hosting the National Show on Sat., and the compliment two day show on Sunday with the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders.   Keith Brown also got tons of support from the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders to put on our show, many thanks to them for helping to support our show.


The Members of the Federation responded to the Call to celebrate and made the trip to Columbus from all parts of the United States and Canada, and even Hawaii.    Without the contributions of every Federation Member that participated in this Historic event by bringing Flemish Giants to Exhibit on May 2, this show could not have been the Greatest Event in Flemish Giant History. Our members are the greatest in the Whole world.


We were blessed with World Class Judges to compliment the Greatest and Biggest Show ever held.   Glen Carr, Tex Thomas, Dr. Chris Hayhow, and Tim Branham worked as a team together as the members in the Peanut Gallery’s watched.  When the Smoke Cleared they had judged 830 of the Best Flemish Giants in the Country, and set the all-time record for the biggest Flemish Giant Rabbit Show ever held.   It was apparent that we have set our Federation at the top as one of the Best, if not the Best Specialty Club in the ARBA.  (It was a pleasure to watch these legends sort the rabbits and add so much to our show).  Not only did the show move run smoothly, the judges completed the task of sorting thru 830 Flemish Giants before 5 pm for us to be able to make the Banquet on time.  Many never thought that could happen.


 May 2, 2015 will be the Bench Mark for the largest Show ever held with 830 total rabbits going across the table.  706 in the open shown by 96 exhibiters, and 124 in the Youth shown by 27 exhibiters. (All time Record).  The second largest Flemish Show was held on May 5, 1990, the Diamond Jubilee had 676 Flemish Giants judged with 78 exhibiters (No Youth shows were held at that time).  The 3rd largest was the Ohio All Flemish Show on May 6, 1990 with 595 Flemish Judged with 70 exhibiters, and the 4th Largest all time show was the 1946 Allen Town, Pa. Convention with 576 entry’s recorded.

The largest single class of Flemish Giants were shown as a new record at this great show were the Sr. Sandy doe class with 82 shown by 37 exhibiters.   It was loaded with top Quality Flemish Giants as was every class and every variety at this Show.   Robert & Kathy Bomia won Best of Breed in the open with a Sandy Sr. Doe, ear #BOO1O, and Best opp Breed was won by Tom, Deona, and Mallory with an awesome Sandy Intermediate Buck, ear #MAL17.   In the Youth Show Best of Breed went to Haydn Tinsley & Shayne Lentz with a great Sandy Sr. Doe, Ear #WWRBX. And Best Opp of Breed went to Dalton Outlaw with a Sandy Sr. Buck, ear #JC36D1. 


We had world class Quality Flemish Giants shown in all seven varieties.  Many of them could have been Best of Breed or Best in Show at other Shows.  I was very impressed with the Quality and numbers of Quality Rabbits in every Variety. The show results will be posted in this Newsletter for all to enjoy.   Keith Brown also employed a professional Photographer to take pictures of all the winners and the day long events that will be shared with the membership. The winners circle was set up by Keith and Amanda, and background with the 100th Anniversary banner (by Jim Fleming) for every winner to have their pictures professionally taken.   Every aspect of this show was planned and carried out to provide the Federation Members the Greatest Weekend in Flemish Giant History.  (Brian Burrows from Florida took several great pictures for us. He is a great young man and a good representative for the Federation)


On Sunday at the Ohio State Breeders Show Best of Breed open went to Donnie and Lisa Wilson from Florida with an outstanding Sr. Sandy Doe, and went on to win Best in Show over all breeds.  Congratulations to Both of them, and a very good climax to the greatest show ever for the Flemish Giants and its members.   The youth Show was won by Haydn Tinsley & Shayne Lentz with a Sr. Sandy Doe.  Donnie Wilson also donated two world class 100th Anniversary Rabbit Carriers presented to the Open and Youth Best of Breeds… Really nice. 


There were no losers at this show.  The show was the best show ever put on with plenty of advance planning for the members to visit the History Table set up by our Club Historian, Chris Stover.  The National Booth with the world Class Awards (by Hazel and Jack Langley).  The awards were inscribed with name plates in memory of present and past Legends in the Federation.  The Booth was Hi Lighted by the Presence of Roger “RED” Dent our past Sec/Trea and legend that several of our members took the time to talk to him.  The Raffle Table ran by the Ohio Flemish Giant Rabbit breeders as well as the Snack (Bake Good) Table with coffee a delight.   Also included was a computer with Picture slides out of the past, and the winners circle set up by Keith Brown and his crew.


It would take volumes to include every Federation Person that had input into making this show what it was, but for sure Keith Brown and his Ohio Flemish Giant Breeders did an outstanding job of hours of planning and setting up for this large show. (Set up close to 1000 coops).   Amanda Hutcheson, and Ryan Lentz (Did it all), they worked in the planning of the show, the setup of the show, the running of the show, the Great Banquet with the outstanding food and hours, and hours of time dedicated to serving others. (I have to love them).  Annie Murdock and Reggie Designed and delivered 100 year patches, shirts etc., and also helped in all aspects of the show including the Club Auction that Larry Rishel and her did an outstanding job.  Hazel and Jack Langley got all the World Class awards for the club, and the Outlaws from Texas, along with Tom Barker delivered them to the show.  Polly Overmyer ran the Raffle table, and Jean Novotny, and her daughter Caroline Reily manned the bakery table and coffee for the weekend.   Wayne Bechdel, helped check everyone in and did all the paperwork for the show on his computer...   Jim Fleming did all the Professional banners for the show.  Jennifer Diamond Doll did the Buttons, and Amy Martin did the slide show pictures.   Others that contributed to putting on this show were:  Kathy Rynard, Joanne Walker, Kathy Bomia, Lisa and Donnie Wilson, Dr. Dan Hall, Juan Perez, Lisa Swenson, Barb Trone, and many others... I just want to show how many it takes to work together as our Federation does as a team to pull off this Hugh Show.   Every Exhibiter did their part to come and make this event a great one.


The Banquet was really nice with a great facility and outstanding food for the Members to enjoy.  Thanks to Amanda Hutcheson, Brian Lentz, and Keith Brown.   The Banquet included our Awards presentations, and the 100th Year Cake cutting, and the Auction ran by Larry Rishel, and Annie Murdock... Door prizes and center pcs. Supplied by Annie.   The Blue Moon Banquet Event Center was a wonderful Banquet facility for us to hold our Awards Presentations, and the food was really good. 


Volumes can and will be written on this show and from those that were able to participate in the 100th Anniversary Celebration.   Everyone was a winner at this event.  No other show will ever compare to this one.   One last thanks to Keith Brown, Amanda Hutcheson, Wayne Bechdel, Ryan Lentz, jack and Hazel Langley,  and Annie Murdock for all your hard work to make this possible and for the Ohio Flemish Giant Breeders for all your work and participation to making this the Best Show Ever.


It was my pleasure to share and enjoy the weekend with all the Flemish Giant Breeders that were in attendance.   I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.  It will forever be a bench mark for others, and is now added to our history.


The 100th Anniversary Show may never be again.  Let us Savor the moment.


The Federation wants to thank every person who participated in this Once in a life time Celebration of our 100th Year of continuous service, and what a Gigantic birthday Celebration.   It was great that every member of our National Executive Board was in attendance...  This show will long be remembered in Flemish Giant History as the Largest and Greatest Show ever held. 

Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB

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