November 1st, 2014

The trip to The National Convention for our Flemish Giant Breeders was well worth the effort as our Fellow breeders and friends had made outstanding plans for the weekend in Texas.  The breeders came from all over the United States, and Canada to attend this awesome event.  I enjoyed my trip with Tom Sabrey , my friend from Cleveland, Ohio (  A real Buckeye) that we traveled 1200 miles in my old Ford Van with over 150,000 miles on it (A bit worried).  We were very fortunate to have an invitation to spend the Week with Jack and Hazel Langley in Glen Rose, Texas who are the best Hosts in the Whole World.  The things we take for granite many times are those friends that take Care of our many rabbits at home while we make these big Shows  I am very grateful to have a good friend like Al Bressler to do my chores.

Our Flemish Giant Booth was one of the best I Have ever seen, with it getting a close second place from the Show Officials.   A great job to our Booth Chairperson, Hazel Langley along with Annie Murdock (booth design and bringing the booth materials with her). (Awesome Job Lady’s).   I would also like to give a Big Thank you to all those that spent time in our booth for our membership.   Hazel Langley, Annie Murdock, Lynn Bolyard, Lisa Wilson, and all the other girls.   You are special to me and a Giant Thank you for all you do for the Members.

How did the show go….  It had some issues with our having to carry our rabbits way to far, the holding pens were to small (Not as advertised), and the Show people changed our Meeting time that I did not approve of without thinking about our needs and plans .  We also lost a half hour of our meeting time because of their taking care of someone else other than the Flemish Giant Members.  However, we did not allow this to deter us from having a great show under the guidance of our Show Supt. , Jack Langley, and Breed Chairperson , Wayne Bechdel.   Thanks to those that wrote at our table for the judges, Annie Murdock (She does it all), Valerie Delair, and the California Gals, Kathy Rynard, and Joanne Walker.   Also those that carried rabbits to mention a few Stephen Trent, Amanda Hutcheson, Ryan lentz, Lisa Wilson, Wayne Bechdel, and others.

Who Won the Bragging rights for the next year?  All those that showed for sure enjoyed being part of this wonderful event.   Wow, we had 425 Flemish Giants shown by 64 exhibiters….. that is a Big Show.  322 FG shown by 46 exhibiters in Open, and 103 FG shown by 18 Exhibiters by the youth.   The youth show was completed right after the open show, with many Adults and our writers and judges supporting them.  Our Judges, Willis Plank, Mi; and Tony Bell, Texas did an outstanding job of sorting out the rabbits for our members.

The Big winners in the open were Billy Carter Sr. with Best of Breed with an awesome Fawn Sr. doe, and Best opp Breed went to DR. Dan Hall, with a Sr. Light Gray Buck.  The Youth Best of Breed was won by Jesse Outlaw with a real nice Sr. Sandy Doe, and Best Opp Sex was won by Emily Hambright with a Fawn Jr. Buck….   Congratulation to all that showed and placed rabbits at this Historic Show. (Show report in this Newsletter).

The trip to Jack and Hazel Langleys house.  All members were invited and many of them invaded Jack and Hazel Langley’s home on Monday afternoon .  It was a very rewarding trip, and we all enjoyed our tour of the barns and seeing Wilber the goat.   After the visit we all went out to Glen Rose to have a nice Mexican Dinner together.

The Banquet was a great success with over 100 attendees from our Membership.  The Awards obtained by Hazel Langley and her Awards Committee were some of the best ever given to our membership .   The Jim Ahyou award for the most awesome Flemish Giant in the show as voted on by the members at our booth was awarded to Hunter Lawley, Ok. (My personal favorite award being Jim Ahyou’s best friend).    

The Honor Roll induction was given by our VP Jack Langley (Committee Chairperson) to Dan and Debbie Brink , Michigan.   Dan Brink is a legend in Flemish, and has contributed to the Promotion of Flemish Giants for years as one of our Oldest members.  Doc Dan Hall (Committee Chairperson) presented Tom and Bobbie Barker , Texas with the Master Breeders Award.   Tom and Bobbie Barker have been raising and promoting Flemish Giants for years.

Our sweepstake awards went to Billy Carter Sr. in the open (1st place), and The Youth award went to Lisa Quinn, KS (1st place).   The Top Flemish Giant (Quality) went to Amanda Hutcheson/Ryan Lentz for sandy sr. Doe WWRBX, and to Courtney Riggie in the Youth, Sandy Sr. Buck WRX30. (Awards passed out by our President, Sec/Trea. , and Hazel Langley, and Annie Murdock)

The Auction led by Bill Mairs, Ca and Annie Murdock was a very financial success.  Our finance income for the weekend was near $2500 (est) for the Auction, Raffle Table and Specials.  Our Federation is the best in the ARBA and our Financial report from the meeting was at $25,784.51.   This is contributed to our great membership and their contributions to the ongoing success of our Wonderful Federation.

I want to thank all those that helped at the Show to make it a success, and those that were there to support our Youth members.  Our Convention was a great one , but not without major cost.   Two of our members and their families were in car accidents on the way home from the Show.  Mandy Collar, and her family were hit by a drunk driver, and Stephen Trent and his Father was rear ended on the way out of the Convention in Texas.   We do have information for those that want to send financial assistance to Mandy and her family to get thru this unfortunate time in their life.  Information can be found in this newsletter, and on our website at nffgrb.net . 

My thoughts are with all a safe trip home and we all look forward to seeing you in Portland, Or at the 92nd ARBA National Convention.   Kathy Rynard, and Joanne Walker will be the Show Supt., and Booth Chairpersons, and Wayne Bechdel will be our Breed Chairperson.  

Insure that you put our 100th Anniversary Show in Columbus, Ohio on May 2, 2015 on your Calendar.  The show will be in conjunction with The Ohio State Mini Convention, and The Ohio All Flemish Specialty Club…  Keith Brown will be the Show Supt. Along with Amanda Hutchenson, and the Breed Chairman will be Wayne Bechdel.  Booth Chairperson will be Annie Murdock with all design and backdrops from Jim Fleming.

Warmest regards, for the membership

Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB

Phone:  419-304-3068 and e-mail: