If you will be no older than 18 years of age as of May 5, 2018, and you are a member of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders, then you are eligible to participate in the following:

The Ohio Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders Association is hosting the 2018 National Flemish Giant Show in Columbus, Ohio, May 5, 2018. The Ohio Club is sponsoring an art design contest for youth. All eligible youth are encouraged to enter and compete in creating the winning design for the OFFICIAL 2018 NATIONAL FLEMISH GIANT PATCH. This patch will be offered by the Ohio Flemish Club to all exhibitors, and others who desire to purchase this once-in-a-lifetime commemorative item.

The patch must be designed utilizing the following guidelines:

1. The following minimal requirements must be incorporated in the design:

            - a picture, silhouette (or the like) of a Flemish Giant rabbit,

            - The outline (or the like) of the State of Ohio,

            - the wording: “ NFFGRB 2018 FLEMISH GIANT NATIONAL “ , and, “ COLUMBUS, OHIO

2. No more than 6 colors may be incorporated in the design.

3. The design must be submitted in finished, colored format on white paper background.

4. The design must be original artwork only. No part of the design is permitted to incorporate copyrighted material   from any source.

5. The completed design must be postmarked no later than November 15, 2017. All entries shall be mailed to:
            Keith Brown, 6515 South Charleston Pike, South Charleston, Ohio

6. The official entry form, to soon be available on the NFFGRB website, must be completed in its entirety and must accompany the submitted design. Parent’s/Guardian’s signature is required.


The Awards Committee will consist of impartial, non-partisan members of the Ohio Flemish Club.

What’s it in for the Winner !

* The Winner will receive personal recognition at the National Banquet on the eve of May 5, 2018

* The Winner will receive his/her’s Banquet meal paid in full by the Ohio Club

* The Winner will receive his/her’s National Show Youth Entries paid in full by the Ohio Club.


The Award Committee will base their decision upon the design’s ability to best represent and memorialize the grand stature of the National Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders organization, the State of Ohio, and the 2018 Flemish Giant National Show. The Award Committee’s decision will be final.

All future announcements related to this event will be posted on the FB page:

Please join this page so you may continue to receive updates regarding all events related to the upcoming National show. We ask that you abide by the rules established for this page, please see the pinned post for details.

The Ohio Flemish Club retains all rights to this contest and may make any changes to the enclosed Rules, should such changes be necessary. Each design submitted will become the sole property of the Ohio Flemish Club. The Club retains all rights to the design / artwork and may make any necessary adjustments, alterations and/or changes, as may be necessary, in order to finalize and create the Official Patch.