National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders  



This organization shall be known as the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders, Inc.  


The object of this Federation shall be to promote and improve the breeding of Flemish Giant Rabbits, to disseminate information to the members, and to encourage the exhibition in all varieties of Flemish Giant Rabbits.  


This Federation shall be affiliated with the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.  


Any person who agrees with the object of this Federation may become a member by making an application to the Secretary and paying the dues as outlined in the By-Laws. Youth members shall be entitled to all the privileges of a full membership except the right to vote or pursue or hold an elected office.    


This Federation shall hold an annual meeting in the same city as the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. annual meeting.   Special meetings may be held as provided in the By-Laws.  


SECTION 1:   The elective officers of the Federation shall consist of eight (8) members:  President, Vice-President, and six (6) Directors.  These officers, along with the Secretary-Treasurer, shall constitute the Executive Board.  

SECTION 2:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board.  The term of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be three (3) years.  

SECTION 3:  The President and three (3) members of the Board of Directors shall b e elected in one election and two (2 years later the Vice-President and three (3) members of the Board of Directors shall be elected.  The terms of office shall be for four (4) years.   This will commence with the election in 2003.  

SECTION 4:  Vacancies shall be filled by the President with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board.  

SECTION 5:  Extend the terms of officer’s elected in 2002 for one (1) extra year making their total term (3) years and their next election in 2005.  


Any member wishing to become a candidate for the Executive Board shall write to the Secretary-Treasurer for a petition.  In order to become eligible to become a candidate he or she must be 19 years of age and be a member of the NFFGRB in good standing for two year.   He or she must have this petition signed by five (5) members in good standing in the Federation and mail it to the Secretary-Treasurer prior to June 1st.  


SECTION 1:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Federation, shall be a member and act as Chairman of the Executive Board, appoint all committees, and fill all vacancies in office that may occur between elections.  The President shall maintain general supervision over all necessary affairs of the Federation, which may arise between the annual meetings.  The President shall have the right to change the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer when deemed necessary, with approval of the board.  This may include re-assigning part of the duties of Secretary-Treasurer to other members of the organization as required to maintain our club operations.  

SECTION 2:  The Vice-President’s duties are the same as those of the President in the absence of the President.  

SECTION 3:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall conduct the general correspondence of the Federation, keep the minutes of the Annual or Special meetings and the minutes of any meetings of the Executive Board.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall have charge of all books, papers, and records pertaining to the office.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep account of all money coming into the office from any source.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall deposit all funds in a Bank approved by the Board of Directors, making payments only by check drawn on the funds of the Federation.  He or she shall submit a Treasurer’s Report at the Annual Meeting and publish the report in the Flemish Newsletter following the Annual Meeting.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall get such a bond as the Executive Board may require, said bond to be paid for by the Federation.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall publish a Newsletter quarterly or more frequently at his or her discretion.  

SECTION 4:  The Directors shall perform such duties as are assigned to them by the President and as set forth in the By-Laws.  

SECTION 5:  The Executive Board shall have general control of the affairs of the Federation between the Annual Conventions, and the Chairman will make a full report at the Annual Convention of any matters decided on by the Board since the last Convention.  The Executive Board shall decide all matters arising that are not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws.  


This Constitution, having been approved, can be amended as set forth in the By-Laws.  



SECTION 1:  The amount of the annual dues, renewals, initiation fees, surcharges and Life Membership, shall be set by the Executive Board and submitted to the membership for approval at the annual meeting.  If approved by a majority of the members present at the meeting, the revised costs would take effect on the first day of the following year.  The membership shall be notified of any changes in dues and fees in the Federation Newsletter.  

SECTION 2: Membership shall consist of individual, youth, or combination membership (may be husband and wife or two companions) living in the same household provided the applications are made at the same time.  A family membership shall be available under the following provisions:  father & mother, single parent or custodian must hold H/W or individual membership and all other members of the family (Youth through 18 years of age) must reside at the same address.   

SECTION 3:  Youth exhibitors may enter sanctioned youth shows between the age of five (5) years through eighteen (18) years.  Youth members will not be able to participate in the Youth Sweepstakes until they are five (5) years old.

SECTION 4:  The Secretary shall notify all members prior to the expiration of their membership in the Federation Newsletter sent by mail or email.  Members who pay dues more than 45 days after the due date forfeit all Sweepstakes show points and privileges previously earned.  When dues are paid after the 45 period, applicant will be considered a new member and the membership will start as of that date.


SECTION 1:  The annual meeting of the Federation shall be held in the city and during the time of the Annual Convention of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.  

SECTION 2:  A Special Meeting may be called by the President the request of 15 members of the Federation providing the Board of Directors considers the request urgent and necessary.  If such a request is granted, the Secretary-Treasurer will notify the membership at least 3 days prior to the date of the Special Meeting, setting forth the reason for the meeting.  The President may call a meeting of the Executive Board for any urgency.  

SECTION 3:  Roberts Rules of Order shall be considered as the final authority for this Federation on all questions not specifically covered by the Constitution and By-Laws.  


Fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum at any special or regular annual meeting.  Five (5) members of the Executive Board shall be a quorum at Board meetings.  


SECTION 1:  Any member being charged with willful misrepresentation or fraud or dishonest dealings or conduct derogatory to the Federation must have such charges made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer. 

SECTION 2:  Any member against whom charges have been filed in writing shall be furnished a copy of the charges by the Secretary-Treasurer.  The member charged shall have not more than 30 days to file a reply in writing. The charges, together with the reply, shall be sent to each Board member for their consideration.  Each member of the Board shall reply to the Secretary with his judgment of the charges.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall inform the President of the Board’s actions.  All decisions of the Board can be done through First Class Mail or e-mail.  


SECTION 1:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare a ballot listing the names of the members who have filed petitions as provided in Article VII of the Constitution.  Only members who have filed for Office will have their names placed on the ballot.  In case of a tie vote, the Secretary-Treasurer shall make up a ballot with the names of those tied and the members attending the annual meeting shall cast the ballots to break the tie.  

SECTION 2:  The Secretary shall mail the election ballots listing the names of the candidates, all of whom shall have filed a petition with the Secretary that meets all the required signatures as specified in Article 7 of the Constitution.  The ballots shall be mailed by the Secretary by July 1st.  A pre-addressed envelope shall accompany each ballot with the chairperson of the election committee’s name and address thereon.  The member voting shall seal the ballot in the envelope and mail it directly to the chairperson, postmarked no later than August 15th to be acceptable.  The election committee shall count all ballots and send a certified statement to the President and the Secretary of the results.  The ballots shall be retained by the chairperson for one (1) year in the event there should be any question concerning the ballots and then destroyed.  Terms of office shall begin on January 1st following the election.  

SECTION 3:  All individual members, except youth members, shall also have the right to vote by mail for elections of officers or upon any other matters submitted by the Board of Directors. No member under the age of nineteen (19) years shall be eligible to sign petitions for elective offices, amendments, or resolutions to the National Federation Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders Constitution and By-laws.  


The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the following standing committees; Election Committee, made up of the Chairman and two (2) members; Publicity committee; Auditing Committee, and Membership Committee.  He may, if deemed necessary, appoint Special Committees.  


SECTION 1:  The Director who has the District where the National Convention and Annual Meeting of the Federation is held shall be Chairman.  This Chairman shall, with Federation members in the Convention city, insure that adequate judging tables are available, see that the Federation booth is set up and decorated, and that members are available to man the booth at all times.  They shall also recommend a Breed Chairman.

SECTION 2:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be authorized one round trip air coach fare to the ARBA Convention, or the equivalent thereof when other means are used.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive 25% of all dues money collected and 15% of all other fees (NOT INCLUDING ADS AND DONATIONS FOR SPECIAL SHOWS OR ANY MONEY PERTAINING TO THE GUIDEBOOK).  


The Secretary-Treasurer shall issue to each member attending the Annual Convention meeting, a ballot for the purpose of selecting a Judge for the Flemish Giants at the next annual convention show.  The delegates will put down the names of five (5) Judges.  The Judges getting the most votes will be contacted by the Secretary to see if he will accept the assignment and follow through with the second, third, fourth, and fifth if necessary to secure a Judge.  


This Constitution having been approved may be altered or amended by a two (2/3) vote, of the total votes cast.  


Roll Call of Officers, Reading of Minutes of Board and Special Meetings, Report of Officers, Committee Reports, Unfinished Business, New Business, Election of next Convention Judges, Good of the Federation, Adjournment.


Adopted January 1, 1979

Initially Amended January 1, 2003 

Amended June 30, 2013