The Guidelines to become a “Master Breeder” of National Fame

NFFGRB - Amended Feb. 2016


1.      A committee will be selected by the President of the NFFGRB, and will consist of one Chairperson and four members.  All to be “Master Breeders”.  The “Master Breeder” Chairperson will accept all nominations from the membership prior to Sept. 1st of each year.  

The Chairperson will distribute all data from the nominations to his committee of four and they will review the data and suggest that nominees will be selected or not selected.   A nomination does not mean that a person will be selected unless the entire committee agrees.  If the Committee selection of nominees is a tie, than the Committee Chairperson would be the person to break that tie.

2.    The person being selected would have to deserve to be recognized as a long-time contributors the Flemish Giant cause.  These are breeders that bred and improved the Flemish Giant to the extent that their efforts were recognized and their bloodlines were very much in demand throughout the whole country.

3.     The Nominee must have been an active member in for a minimum of 10 Years (Plus) and showing Flemish Giants in the open during that time.

4.   The Nominee must have showed at a minimum of 4 National Conventions or 4 National Shows during their open Membership to be eligible to be a Master Breeder. 

5.     The Nominee must have had their Flemish Giants to be in the top 15 at least three times in the NFFGRB Sweepstake competition. 

6.     The Committee will make the final decision on who will be or will not be accepted into the “Master Breeder” of our Federation.  This will be concluded by their committee review, and that the Nominee meets all requirements, and the Committee feels that the Nominee meets all criteria and agrees that this person has established themselves as Master Breeders and have also over the years contributed to the Good of the Federation by their total actions and friendship and fellowship within the Federation with other members.  

7.     Having selected one candidate per year (If the committee elects to have one), the person will be awarded a “Master Breeder” standing of National Fame at our yearly ARBA National Convention Banquet.   The committee can add more than one award per year with the permission of the President and the Board approval. 

8.      All nominations sent in by the Federation General members will be reviewed by the entire Master Breeder Committee.   Nominations do not mean that a person will receive the Master Breeder Award unless agreed upon by the Master Breeder Chairperson and Committee.







In 1975, Ellis Murray of California conceived the idea of honoring the currently active members or member who, in the opinion of the “Honor Roll” selection committee, contributed most to the advancement of the Federation and the Flemish Giant over a period of years.  Elis felt that it would be far more appropriate to honor these persons while they are still with us to enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of knowing their efforts were recognized and appreciated by their peers and fellow breeders.

Annually at the Flemish Federation Awards Banquet, the names selected are added to our “Honor Roll” list that will be published in our annual Newsletter, and on the Federation Website.   All persons inducted into the Federation “Honor Roll” will also immediately be granted life membership into the Federation.


1.      A committee will be selected by the President of the NFFGRB, and will consist of five members.  Committee Chairperson and Four Members.  All to be past inductees of the Federation “Honor Roll”.   The Honor Roll Chairperson will accept all nominations from the General Membership, including a list of accomplishments on the nominee.  All Nominations must be submitted prior to Sept. 1st of each year.

2.     The person Nominated must have a minimum of 15 years as a Member of the Federation as an open member.

3.     The person being nominated must have contributed in the advancement of the Federation and the Flemish Giants over a period of years.  The person is one who has served the Federation as an officer or worker to serve the membership over the years.   This would include long term officers of the Federation Specialty Board, Flemish Giant Flemish Specialty Clubs etc...  These are the folks who have contributed to very existence of our Federation.  (This could include setting up shows, working at shows, helping to plan ARBA Conventions, setting up booths, raffles, banquets, tearing down, doing paperwork, manning booths, helping in the kitchen etc.) 

4.     As seen by their peers on how the inductee into the Federation interacts with others in bringing the membership together exhibiting Good Sportsmanship and Fellowship over the years.

5.     The “Honor Roll” committee Chairperson shall distribute all data from Membership nominations to each of his committee for them to review all the data and report their decision back to the Chairperson.  It will be up to the committee members to decide if a person is to be inducted into the Federation “Honor Roll” or not. (They are not required to place anyone if they elect to not find anyone that they feel meets all the standards and requirements of the Induction into the Federation “Honor Roll”.  )  If the committee selection results in a tie between Nominees then the Committee Chairperson would break the tie or be the final decision.

6.     The committee can select up to one Candidate per year to be inducted into the Federation “Honor Roll”.  (If they have one selected).  The selected person will be inducted into the Federation “Honor Roll” at the yearly ARBA National Convention, Federation Banquet. The board can add more than one person if required with the permission of the Federation President and approval of the Federation Board.

7.     All inductees to the Federation “Honor Roll” will listed on the Federation Website and posted yearly in the Newsletter.   All Inductees will immediately be put on the Federation Life membership.   (If a person is married their spouse will be included in on the Honor Roll and as life members of the Federation).

8.     Any member having served four years as our Federation Sec/Trea.  For the membership will be eligible to be nominated by the Committee Chairperson to be inducted into the Federation “Honor Roll”. (They would not be required to have the 15 years membership).

9.     Any changes or amendments to these guidelines can be made at any time by the agreement of the Federation Executive Board.