To all Federation members,

I would like you to send in articles which you have written or that you have found from past guidebooks that you would think will be interesting and the committee will take them under advisement. We would like to hear your ideas on feeding (in hot and cold areas)  housing, breeding, starting out, nest box management, breeding and culling, which to keep and what to let go. Some new breeders have no idea how to enter a show and it is our responsibility to teach them this.

I would like some really great color pictures of all seven varieties, especially showing the ring color in the Sandy and Lt. Gray.  We will need a good color picture of the Steel, Black, Blue and White varieties.  We also need an article on how to fill out a pedigree. There are so many more items that I could list but you get the idea. Please send your ideas to myself, Joanne Walker, Brian Burrows, and/or Tom Orr.  Remember this is YOUR guidebook we want it to be the best possible.

Thank you from

Kathy Rynard and the Guidebook Committee

Kathy Rynard, Chairperson          
Joanne Walker                             
Brian Burrows                               Tom Orr                                        

New Guidebook Advertising information

I am pleased to announce that Brian Borrows will be handling the advertising for our New Guidebook. 
Full Page $100.00
Half Page $ 60.00
Business card $ 35.00

Please send your checks to Brian and make them out to NFFGRB.
 Brian will send them to Wayne Bechdel, and Wayne will put them in the Federation Guidebook fund. Wayne will give Brian confirmation
 and in return you will receive your confirmation. Brian will require a signed statement from the person or family placing the ad to make sure that
 the information is correct. If you should require assistance with your ad Brian will be glad to help. Brian will also make changes if your information
 changes. I believe one update should be allowed.
 Address:  Brian Burrows 
                 734 Logue Road
                 Myakka City, Florida  34251
                 E-mail [email protected]
I will be taking the bids on: 
 inside front cover 
 two middle pages
 inside back cover
 and back cover

Please do not call or text I will only take bids on my E-mail:  [email protected],net 
 I will have current updates on the bids. If anyone in the Federation had something that they feel is important to the Guidebook 
 PLEASE get in touch with myself, Joanne Walker. Tom Orr or Brian Burrows. After all this is YOUR Guidebook
 Thank you,
 Kathy Rynard and Committee