The Federation wishes to express our condolences
for the loss of our NFFGRB family members and friends.






The Flemish Giant Community lost a true friend with the passing of John Trone of Dover, Pa...    John and Barb Trone have done so much over the years to promote the Flemish Giants, to help many Clubs they belonged to and to support fellowship and friendship in the Federation.

John Trone has be awarded every award that could be given to him by the Federation.  He recently was awarded the, “Federation Distinguished Service Award”, to go along with him being on the Executive Board for years as a Director.  Him and his wonderful wife Barb also are Master Breeders, awarded the, “President’s Award”, and on the honor roll of the NFFGRB and a life time member.  His picture can be found on the front page of our Guidebook.  

John and I have been friends for years and I could write a book on our memories together in the Federation and our almost talking to each other on a daily basis.  He had a big impact on me and many of my decisions.   I first met John back in the Eastern States days showing in Meadville, Pa, and Butler , Pa. and then at Harold May’s home in Cortland, NY.    We shared many fine moments together.

John and Barb were a part of what I always called the “Rat Pack” that included Bob and Lynn Bolyard, Herb and Emily Carter, and Pete Stevens.   They could be seen at almost every large show together.   Both John and Barb actively supported and worked at Clubs like Eastern States, Michigan Flemish, and their local club in York, Pa.   Great folks.  John could be counted on anytime that I ever asked him to do anything for the Federation. 

I talked with John’s wife and she said John had several friends attend the funeral, and that John was given a Military funeral.  John had served his country in the USA Navy.   He and Barb attended the VFW with several of John’s service friends.  We shared many moments in this area of discussion having both been Veterans.

John was more about friendship then he was about winning and that is what the Flemish Giant Federation has always been about.  The legends would place their friendships far above any win on the show table.   However, I could only fault my buddy for one thing and that was his wanting all my best rabbits and never wanting to pay for them.  He always wanted them free, or he would pay me $25.  He is the only guy I let get away with this.  Then he gave all the baby’s to Jack Langley.  Never could figure it out, but enjoyed knowing and being part of this wonderful person’s life.  We were best friends always.  His other issues were that he and his buddy Wayne Bechdel were both Penn State Fans. 

John always seemed to love the Fawn Variety, and raised lots of really good ones.  He gave Jack Langley the Best in Show at our National Show in North Carolina. 

We will all miss John Trone and we will see you again one day on the other side my good friend.   You were a very blessed man with an awesome wife, a wonderful family and hundreds of true friends.  

 You will always be on my mind.   Bob Bomia