We want you to join the National Flemish Giant Rabbit Federation
by Robert Bomia , President, NFFGRB


For the price of a bag of rabbit feed you can belong to the Flemish Giant Rabbit Federation.   Anyone can join, and you don’t even have to raise rabbits or do we require a reference.  Our Organization is about the promotion of the Flemish Giant Rabbit and by the ARBA Standard of Perfection to our Seven Varieties of Flemish Giant Rabbits.  

Most of our members do raise Flemish Giants and show them and are involved in our Sweepstake and Quality Rabbit awards.   However, we do have several members that either raise pets, or just use our organization as a Social Club and help support the members and promote our Flemish Giants in other ways.  You can get a membership application off our Website under forms, and fill it out and send it to our Sec/Trea Wayne Bechdel.  

We put out a quarterly Newsletter that has beneficial information about the Flemish Giants, our Members, the Sweepstake, Upcoming Shows, and tips on raising rabbits.  This month’s Flemish Giant Newsletter will include an article out of the Past written by Harold May about “Steel Flemish Giants”.  The article will inform you on breeding to get good steels, and proper color crossing.  It is an awesome article written by a legend and one of the Best Breeders and show person of all time.  Harold May also had a Best of Breed at an ARBA National Convention with a Steel Flemish Giant in 1982.  In 1983 ARBA National Convention The Best Steel, Best Black, and Best White were all litter mates out of a White Doe and sired by a very good colored Steel Buck.  The Buck was the litter mate of the doe that won Best of Breed at the prior year ARBA National Convention in Seattle.

 Our Federation Guidebook that comes with a membership to our Organization.  The Guidebook is loaded with information on our Flemish Giant Rabbits including tips on breeding, feeding, and housing of the Flemish Giants.   It also includes the History of our Organization.  Some do not know that our club is older than the ARBA itself, and was started in 1915.  Several articles are priceless in this Guidebook that is written by Legends in the Flemish Giant Rabbits and including several articles from Top Judges in the ARBA.

We look forward to having each and every one of you as members of the Flemish Giant Federation...  to enjoy our organization and be a part of its awesome members...   You will have direct information on where the shows are, and if you need help our members will introduce you to how to properly show.   Along with the location of the shows you will be able to see who is doing well near you or around the Country.   We look forward to you being a fellow member.  Please visit our Website to get your membership application at nffgrb.net .