The LAST Michigan Flemish Giant Show, May 22, 2016


On May 22, 2016 we held the last Michigan Flemish Giant RBA show at Lynn Bolyard’s home in Reading, Michigan.   We had near 200 Flemish Giants at this event and it was attended by Flemish Breeders from 13 States, and Canada.  The attendance was from the East Coast, West Coast, and the Deep South, with folks from Texas and California coming to make this a great event in Flemish giant History.

Bob and Lynn Bolyard have been household names over the years, as Bob Bolyard was one of the founding fathers of the Michigan Club, and for years the President , and Both him and Lynn for years opened their home to our yearly shows at no cost to the Club.  Years of great memories were held at their home in Reading, Michigan.  That also included holding the Federation National Show at their home.

Due to the changes in the Michigan Club it became necessary for us to revolve the Michigan Club into a regional Club on May 24, 2016.  The new Club is chartered with the ARBA as a Regional Specialty Club named, “Great Lakes Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders”.   The new Specialty Club will include the states boarding on the Great Lakes, and will include:  New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada.  We are going to insure that our Club has its two main shows in the same or near same dates as the Michigan Club held theirs.   We are looking to have our fall Show at Lisa and Jason Swenson’s home in Wisconsin on the Third Weekend in Sept...   We are also looking to see if we can plan our Spring Show to be held at the Cuyahoga County Fair Grounds in Cleveland, Ohio (Will Be working with Tom Sabrey on this show), and also other Specialty shows in Springfield, Ohio.

The Club officers will be:

Wayne Bechdel, Pa. -          President

Amanda Hutcheson, Oh -   Vice President

Polly Overmyer, Oh  -          Sec./Trea.

Robert Bomia, MI -               Director

Dan Brink, Mi  -                     Director

Ryan Lentz, Oh  -                   Director

Keith Brown, Oh –                Director

Lisa Swenson, Wi –               Director

Alan Siktberk, In  -                Director


Anyone wanting to become members of this Regional club needs to contact Polly Overmyer at her e-mail .

Dues $20, but renew at $15.  No dues are due till June 1, 2017.  All those that join prior to June 1st, 2017 will start with renewal dues only.  Presently we have over 50 members, and will also be taking Associate Members that do not live in the boarding States as listed.  Associate Members cannot vote, or hold office on the board.


We look forward to being one of the Best Specialty Clubs in the ARBA, and to put on some outstanding shows.  A giant Thank you to Bob and Lynn Bolyard for all they have done for the Michigan Club, and putting on so many wonderful shows.  Those memories will always be with us.


Regards, and For the Great Lakes Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders.


Robert Bomia,