Bob & Lynn Bolyard’s Home

We were very concerned about the show being held on May 20th, 2012 at Bob and Lynn Bolyard’s home in Reading, Michigan.    Bob was in the hospital very ill with repertory issues, but both Bob and Lynn said the show would go forward, and it did.   We had approx. 150 rabbits exhibited by 21 exhibiters from 6 states, (TX, MI, WI, IL, and OH), and near 50 rabbit breeders in attendance at the show either, showing, buying, or enjoying the show with family and friends.

I personally, wanted to thank Bob and Lynn Bolyard for the ongoing use of their wonderful home for the Michigan Club to hold the Michigan Flemish Giant Shows, and all they have done for the Michigan Club and its members over the years.   Back in 1973 Bob Bolyard was one of the cofounders of the Michigan Flemish Giant Club, and they held their first show at the Belleville Fairgrounds on January 12, 1975.   For the Last many years the show has been held at Bob and Lynn Bolyards home in three different locations, ending up in their current home in Reading , Michigan.  (A Giant Thank you from all of the Michigan members to Bob and Lynn Bolyard for a job well done, and for years of dedication to the Michigan Flemish Club and its wonderful members.)

The thing that this show brought out more than any other to me was how outstanding the people are in the rabbit show circuit.   To help Lynn out with Bob in the Hospital, everyone picked up the pcs. And helped do all the work to put the show on resulting in a great weekend of fraternity amongst those attending the show.   More than showing of the rabbits, the friendships and fun of being together are what our members embrace.    I personally want to thank everyone that helped make the show a success and many of them were from the Flemish Federation, and not just the Michigan Cllub.

Just to name a few people that worked at the show (Knowing that I will miss some, but thanks to all those that contributed, and exhibited).    Chris and Tammie Stover and Daughter helped a lot with Tammie helping all day with the food (Inga Rymal’s mother helped). (We ate Destiny’s pig, and it was good).  Dave Taylor, and Children Nick and Anna helped writing, and the Children ran the raffle and 50/50 drawing. (I offered Nick 50 cents if I won, but it did not work).  Kathy Bomia , Tom Orr, Dave Taylor, and Dillon Green’s mother wrote at the tables.  Dan and Deb Brink helped all week end.  The Three from Wisconsin Lisa Swenson, her Two Daughters, Valarie Delair, and Valarie Jeanquart worked all weekend helping the show and Lynn. (They are sweethearts, and made me proud to be acquainted to them.   Great Girls).  To name a few.  A special Thank you to Jack Langley and Larry Haire for coming all the way from Texas to the show, and picking up Fred Russell on the way. (Jack and Hazel Langley should have a special Hall of Honor in the Federation, and are Legends in the Flemish Giant Rabbits)

Some of those in attendance or represented at the show:   Ron Riddle, and Willis Plank (Great job of Judging).    Bob & Lynn Bolyard, MI;  Allen Bressler, MI;  Jack & Hazel Langley, TX;  John Curk, CAN;  Kay & Fred Murphy, MI;  Thomas Orr, IL;  Fred Russell, IL;  Chris, Tammie & Destiny Stover, PA;  Rob Findley, IL;  Dave, Nick, & Anna Taylor, MI;  Dan & Deb Brink, MI;  Larry Haire, TX ;  Dillion Green & Mom, MI;  Lisa & Jason Swenson, WI;  Valerie Delair, WI;  Valerie Jeanquart, WI;  Carolyn Reilly & mother Jean Novotny (Carolyn is Ralph Barrs daughter), OH;  Howard Jones, and wife, OH;  Noel, Phil & Kaylie Krueger, WI;  Mr. and Mrs. Rogers;  Graham’s, Rebecca Dawson, MI;  Janice Davidson with Ma and Dad,MI;  and Inga Dolinski-Rymal and family (Mother helped with show also). And yours truly Robert & Kathy Bomia, MI.

I think everyone at the show had a great time and enjoyed the great rabbit show.  The Quality of the rabbits was outstanding, and the fun even better.   Bob and Kathy Bomia had Best of Breed in the First Show with a Sandy Sr. Buck, and John Curk had Best Opp Breed with a nice Sandy Sr. Doe.  The Second Show was won by “BOB & LYNN BOLYARD” with a outstanding Sr. Fawn Doe, and Best Opp. Breed was won by Rob Findley, IL with a Sr. Light Grey Buck..   Bob and Lynn’s Doe was Best Fawn in both shows, and that Jack Langley had Best and Best opp. Steel with two of the best I have seen in years…   The Quality of rabbits was so high that several rabbits could have been selected Best in this show and in many Varietys.    The overall Quality of the Flemish Shown Reflects the Good job that the breeders are doing.

I want to personally thank all the youth members for all you did to help at the show, and congratulations on your winning rabbits.  (The show report will be in the next newsletter).

For the members of the Michigan Flemish, and the National Federation we thank you Bob and Lynn Bolyard for all that you have done over the years by offering your home for us to enjoy years of shows, and your dedication to the Members of the Michigan Club, and the promotion of the Flemish Giant Rabbit.   Our Prayers Go out to Bob and Lynn and your family during these trying times.  We shall always appreciate what you have done for our Members.   Thank you Bob for being our Historian, Putting out a fabulous Guide Book for our members, and raising and promoting Flemish Giants (You have raised some damn good rabbits).   You will always be a Legend in the Flemish Fraternity.

Warmest Regards,

Bob Bomia
President, NFFGRB