PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE  - Robert Bomia,  June 2018  

The National Convention will be here soon in Mass...    Those doing the work of the Federation at our Annual Show will be Wayne Bechdel, Breed Chairman;  Lisa Wilson, Show Supt. (Wayne and Lisa are getting awards and delivering them to the Show for the membership);  The Hambright family will be doing our Booth, Andrew, Pam , CeCe, and Emily; (We will need those wanting to assist

Working in booth to contact Andrew);  Isabella DeSilva is our Banquet chairperson.   The Banquet money needs to be sent to Wayne Bechdel and it is $35 per person, ½ price for children under 12, and free for those that are under 4.

Our National Show for 2019 will be hosted by the Great Lakes Flemish Giant Club, Wayne Bechdel President, and it will be in Wisconsin at the home of Lisa and Jason Swenson.  Put this one on your calendar as we have had great shows at Jason and Lisa’s home.   The 2020 Nationals Will be held in Belton, Texas at the Bell County Expo Center, and hosted by Texas Flemish Giant Club.   Any club wishing to host the 2021 National Flemish Show need to have bids to Robert Bomia by March.

Our club is very blessed to have Wayne Bechdel as our Sec/Trea and someday he may not be there for us.  As we have had four Sec/Trea during my time as President, it was always important to know in advance if any member is interested in being our Sec/Trea if that time ever comes.   Please let me know if you are interested in doing the job or any part of it, and I will keep that information and pass it on to the next President and Board as to insure a good future for the Federation..    I am not looking to see this happen in the near future.   A Giant Thank you to Wayne for all that he does for the members.  It is a Thankless Job.

I have seen a lot of the members show interest in the 2019 Elections and it appears we will have several of our members running for office.  If any of the members running for office can use our newsletter with a paid ad up until our May 2019 Newsletter (Our newsletter cannot obtain all the ads and clutter the Newsletter).  However, prior to the Election each person running for office will be able to get a full page ad free in our May 2019 Newsletter.  This will give all

Equal opportunity to express their views and their commitment to doing the work for the Federation Members.   Good luck to all those that are running for office.  

THE FEDERATION YOUTH:  Tom Sabrey is putting on an Internet auction to support our Youth Members in Sept..  Thanks to Tom and all those members that have donated to this wonderful cause.   Also we have the BoBo Challenge that folks have pledged specials to the youth over $1300 for the ARBA Convention in Mass..  Please send those pledge dollars to Wayne Bechdel.

If you have any questions that you have please direct them to a board member, as if you look inside the cover of every newsletter you will get the Names, Address, e-mail and Phone numbers of each member.   If you would like to be active in our club let me know if you are interested in working for the membership on Committee.

The Federations 100th Anniversary Guidebook is nearing completion thanks to Scott Wensel.

As always, keep the Flemish Giants a fun hobby and respect your fellow breeders and enjoy the many friendships.  In perspective it is only a hobby.

PS:   I will no longer have a land line at 734-241-1960.  My phone number is 419-304-3068, and my e-mail is if you have any questions or want to chat…. Thank you.


For the Federation and its Members -  Robert Bomia

   Phone:  419-304-3068 







ARBA Convention Judges:

This is the list of Judges for the ARBA National Conventions from Membership votes at previous National Conventions.   

The next Judges will be voted on at the 2016 ARBA National Convention to fill openings in 2022.

If you have a judge that you want to vote for, check with them and insure that they are available in this year prior to waisting a vote if they are already booked to do another breed.. Most all the Popular Judges are booked years in advance. I had to hIre Wade Burkhalter for 2023 because that was his first open date, and lots of members wanted him. He is a very popular judge. 

National Flemish Giant – Judges scheduled for upcoming National Conventions to Judge Flemish Giants (Open and Youth),


2018 -  Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN  (Open and Youth)     


2019 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Bruce Ormsby, IN (Open and Youth)


2020 -  Dr. Chris Hayhow, GA (Open and Youth)

              Willis Plank, MI (Open and Youth)                


2021 -  Josh Humphries, TN  (Open and Youth)

             Rusty Westhoff, TN   (Open and Youth)


2022 -  Judges to be voted on by membership at the 2017

             ARBA National Convention


2023 -  Wade Burkhalter, MO (Open and Youth)

              2nd judge to be voted on at the 2018 ARBA National Convention


Robert Bomia, President, NFFGRB




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** My apology to President Bomia and the entire NFFGRB Membership. This President's message was received on September 4th and I was in the middle of a family crisis. This slipped past me and did not get posted at that time. I just found it while going through my emails. I am very sorry for my neglect in posting it when received. Dick Gehr