(Please follow these rules )   (November 2013)

“The ARBA Standard of Perfection”, on the Flemish Giant Standard on the first page lists proper “SHOWROOM CLASSES & WEIGHTS”.   This is very easy to understand (Showing Flemish in the wrong class in unacceptable).   Basically this is what the Flemish Giant Standard says about the rabbits ages in each class entered:  

JUNIOR BUCKS & DOES - “Under 6 months of age.”  Minimum weight for Jr. Bucks and Does 6 1/2 lbs.”

NOTE:   This means the day your rabbit turns 6 months of age it is an Intermediate.  Personally I would not recommend showing a rabbit less than 11 lbs.  

INTERMEDIATE BUCKS & DOES - “6 to 8 months of age”

NOTE:  The day the rabbit turns 6 months old it is Intermediate.  For TWO months only….  At its 8 month birthday it turns Senior. (This is the day it turns 8 months old it is a Senior.)   This should leave no questions.  This does not reflect in anyway that it is ok to show thru 8 months.

(It is actually 6 months thru 7 months of age. )  

SENIOR  BUCK / DOE - “8 month of age and over” Sr. Bucks min. weight are 13 lbs. and Sr. Doe weight must be 14 lbs.

NOTE:  This means that the day the rabbit turns 8 month of age it is a Sr.  .  Also included in the Standard is a Note that says:  “No Animal may be shown in a higher age classification than its true age.  No Animal may be shown in a lower age classification than its true age.”  

Recent Shows and including the ARBA National Convention had a few of our members breaking these ARBA Show rules.   We had rabbits that were bought from other breeders alleged to be intermediates shown by and exhibiter in the Junior classes (Totally Unacceptable), and several does shown inadvertently Seniors in the Intermediate Class.  At the National Show the Best of Breed rabbit was alleged to be out of class, and was a Senior shown in the Intermediate Class.   These breeders took away from the National Convention and our Members.   Please insure that you show your Flemish Giants in the proper class with due respect to your fellow breeders.    

WHAT YOU CAN DO IF YOU HAVE PROOF OR VERIFICATION THAT A MEMBER IS CHEATING AND SHOWING OUT OF CLASS:   This would mean a person showing a rabbit they purchased from you out of class.  A person that shows a rabbit in the intermediate class more than two months.  Any intermediate being shown past 8 months of age etc…..     

BRING UP CHARGES THRU THE FEDERATION:  Page 153 of the Federation Guidebook, Article IV – Discipline:  Section 1:  Any member being charged with willful misrepresentation or fraud or dishonest dealings or conduct derogatory to the Federation must have such charges made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer.  (This could result in a board judgment up to as much as loss of membership in the Federation).  

Any member of the Federation found guilty of breaking the show rules and have displinary action taken against them will see the results of the board in the newsletter.   This is for those showing out of Class.   (NOTE:  past board action stated the board will not pursue displinary action between two members who are buying or selling rabbits to each other.  It would be impossible for us to police this).  

This article is to help all members understand the proper showing of rabbits in the correct class.   It also is a warning to those that have lost respect for others , that they will be watched.  Please take the time to go to your ARBA Standard of Perfection and to follow the Show rules as indicated for Rabbits to be in the proper class.  

We are presently looking at all the avenues available to our members to stop those that are cheating.   This means intentionally or unintentionally .  

Regards, Bob Bomia, President, NFFGRB